Frequently asked questions

Which is the Procedure for minors traveling with parents or legal guardians? Minors traveling on Laser with their parents or legal guardians or proxies, should hand in at the counter of the departure airport a copy of their birth certificate or a copy of the Identity Card.

What if the minor travels with third parties? Laser shall accept any minor traveling on its flights under the custody of a proxy ,as long as they show an authorization from a legal guardian, issued by the Council for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, by a Civil Office or through an authenticated document.

Which steps should the minor follow if traveling alone? Laser accepts the traveling of minors without an escort in its flights from the age of six (6) up until seventeen (17). Parents or legal guardians shall bring with them the authorization issued by the competent authority: Council for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, by a Civil Office or by means of an authenticated document. They shall also provide at check-in time at our counters the data of the authorized person to pick up the minor: full name, telephone number, address and Identity Card number. No minor without an escort shall have a reservation on the last flight in our itinerary.

What is the allowed weight for carry-on luggage? The allowed weight for carry-on luggage per passenger is of 8 kilos (weight-volume). All luggage may be subject to review by the airport authorities and/or security personnel of the airline. At the time of checking in your luggage at the counter, these shall be identified with a numbered ticket, which shall handed to you and should be kept and shown to the security agent at the moment of picking up your luggage from the conveyor belt.